On June 10 at the MAJA offices, the tripartite agreement between the State Energy Agency of Veracruz is being celebrated through the General Director, Rómulo Sanchez Velazquez, MAJA Consulting Group, represented by our Director, Ms. Ana María Macías Juárez , and on behalf of the TecNM Boca del Río campus, Ing. Jaime de Jesús Cañas Ortega, Director of the institution.

The purpose of this link is the development and implementation of the first osmotic energy production plant developed by MAJA CONSULTING GROUP that allows economic growth through clean, uninterruptible energy alternatives in the state of Veracruz.

This protocol was accompanied by Maja, Eng. Rufino Perea Lorenzo, Project Director, Biol. José Alfonso Macías Leader of the Department of Environmental Eng., As well as the Head of the Department of Technological Management and Engagement, Olivia Sánchez Hernández, the Deputy Director of Planning and Liaison, Alejandro García Quintero as well as personnel of the state agency.


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