MAJA Consulting Group came up with a full address

dentified with its commitment to provide its clients functional safety with the highest quality standards.

Main Services

Risk Analysis

Through the analysis of risk be identify, analyzes and assesses the probability of occurrence of harm associated with the process, in order to control and prevent incidents/accidents.


Process Management

We develop engineering for the high-risk industry implementing systems of Basic Control of process and critical alarms, taking into account the technical and economic aspects.


Fire Protection System

Industrial processes that handle, transport or store hazardous substances are required to have mitigation systems that allow combat, controlling and extinguishing fires.


No corra riesgos

Don't take any Risk.

We have the best technological tools to develop risk analysis, process simulation, simulation of risk scenarios and consequences evaluation, simulation of structures, buildings and storage tanks, laser scanning (scale 1:1) and specialized software for 3D modeling of its facilities.

Our tools and the professionalism of our staff specialist offer a comprehensive solution to your needs of industrial safety.

MAJA Consulting Group has the solution to their needs.

Especialistas Certificados a Nivel Internacional

Certified specialists at the international level

The best tool with which account Maja Consulting Group, is its human capital.

Specialists with high degree of training and commitment, which generate innovative proposals to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients and to achieve the continuous improvement of our processes and services.