Is the graphical representation to scale 1:1 made in three dimensions, through a system CADD/CAE and composed by a set of elements with attributes associated with a relational database.

Advantages of a Three-Dimensional Model Intelligent Electronic

Optimizing the control of the programming and execution of component maintenance facilities.

Perform the analysis and study of operations in work involving a risk to staff prior to the physical realization of the same, preventing accidents.

Monitor physical adaptations of the facilities under contract for works and services.

Simulations of evacuation of the facility in case of any contingency.

Induction of new staff to carry out work procedures and physical operation of the facility, as well as their security and emergency systems.

Generate isometric projections of the components of the model (system)

Generate different views of the facilities and details if required.

Generate lists of materials for each specific system.

Check collisions with other systems and components during the engineering stage.

Perform on-site virtual tours.

Generate general plans of the installation location.

3D Models