MAJA Consulting Group
Develops engineering for the high-risk industry implementing systems of Basic Control of process and critical alarms, taking into account the technical and economic aspects, allowing to obtain the following benefits:

Development of control strategies according to the dynamics of each process (level controls, temperature, pressure, etc. in pumping systems, compression, measurement systems).

Development of Distributed Control Systems Architectures, able to monitor and control various subsystems of control from a central system.

Good practices of functional safety applied to the Basic Processes Control System: Safe failure analysis of the components of the control loop, integration of set points of the protections systems by the concept independent protection layers diagram (IPL).

Development of conceptual engineering, basic and detail according to best practices of ISA.

Updating and modernization of control systems in an optimal way (cost/benefit).

Integration into a data communications network (not relating to security), alarm information, historical, trend reports, toward a single database in the plant, to provide the maintenance area of the inventory control of the instrumentation and equipment.

Critical Alarm systems with Operator intervention, independent of the Basic Processes Control System.