MAJA Consulting Group

Designs and installs detection systems and fire suppression according to the requirements of its building and/or installation.

Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Warehouses, Shopping Centers

With the experience of a team highly specialized, which is responsible for the design of the plot plan of detectors and alarms, selecting the appropriate equipment and devices, installation and commissioning.

We have extensive experience of projects carried out for the oil industry. But we are not only limited to this area, we also provide services to commercial areas (Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, etc.) adapting to your needs.

Unlike other companies, MAJA Consulting Group advises you from the initial stage of its project of detection systems and fire suppression developing an analysis of risks, with which it will be possible to determine the existing hazards and take measures to install the most efficient solution for your business.

Our commitment is to save lives and property and to ensure the continuity of your business by providing integral solutions in security by means of detection systems and fire suppression.