Offers the best solution in Fire and Gas Detection Systems.

MAJA Consulting Group 

We offer solutions in the design and evaluation of Fire and Gas Detection Systems by the applicable standards (NFPA, API, etc.), applicable for each type of installation to be protected, using the most appropriate technology for detection, activation and early warning of Safety systems, according to the needs of our clients.

We have the most updated and enhanced design tools for the development of Engineering. We rely on 3D CAD models, and advanced tools for verification of coverage of detection and dispersion of gases and vapors, covering the identified hazard scenarios determining the optimal location, reducing costs from the acquisition and installation of instruments, wiring, conduit piping, and classified accessories, connection points in PLC, to the maintenance and testing costs. This has enabled our clients to save a considerable sum of money and to manage their risk through early detection.


1.Basic and detailed engineering, bill of materials of Fire and Gas  Detection Systems in process areas, and Fire Detection Systems, (interior of Buildings).

2.3D Verification and Gas Dispersion Analysis for the location of Fire and Gas Detectors.

3.Installation of Fire and Gas Detection Systems and Fire Detection

We take advantage of our knowledge and experience in Proces Risk Analysis to offer Fire and Gas Detection  Systems, which avoid the domino effect taking into account the most severe and/or most frequent scenarios.