With the growth of social and economic pressure, driven by recent natural disasters and industrial legislation of several countries in industrial safety has become more demanding and rigorous.

Likewise, we carry out Process Risk Analysis under the official Mexican standard NOM-028-STPS-2012, and for the energy and machinery industries, or where appropriate, the regulations or legislation applicable to the client. The objective is for our clients to identify and manage their risks and thereby ensure the continuity of their business and their reliability.

MAJA Consulting Group

 It develops projects and studies helping our clients to prevent and reduce risks as well as eliminate dangers with inherently safe designs in adherence to the Guide for the Preparation of Risk Analysis for the Hydrocarbons Sector, according to the different stages of the regulated Project, using qualitative and quantitative methodologies such as:

  1. HAZID
  2. HazOp
  3. What-If?
  4. Checklist
  5. Consequence Analysis
  6.  LOPA Analysis
  7. Fault tree analysis
  8. Event Tree
  9. Bow-tie
  10. SIL Studies


Services offered

  • Risk Analysis of the hydrocarbon sector (ARSH).

  • Risk analysis for process industries.

  • Specific studies of HAZID, HazOp, Consequence Analysis, LOPA, Bow-tie, Dispersion Analysis of flammable/toxic clouds.